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Filling Your Referral PipelineTM


Would you like to fill up your pipeline completely by referral?

Would you like to have a continuous flow from your referral sources?

In this workshop you will learn to use the RISE2 referral process to Identify, Strategize and Execute enough referrals to completely fill up your sales pipeline during the seminar!

Note: In order to make this training and your time more effective, all participants are required to attend this training with someone from their network they are in relationship with. In addition to educating, this allows prospecting and referrals to happen during the class.

You will create...

  • ways to actively promote each other...
  • ways to identify each other's Target Market...
  • specific, scheduled activities that you and your referral partner will engage in to reach those "Future Clients"...
  • commitment to each other - in writing - for accountability.

"...just think of how powerful your networking system could become if you could get all of your referral sources to take this course." - Stephen M. Beatty, New Orleans, LA

This one-day workshop begins at 8:00 AM and ends at 5:00 PM and includes continental breakfast and lunch.

Price is $299 per person

Next Offering: (None currently scheduled)

Location: TBD

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